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Answers to most questions asked of Magique4© multifunctional properties

•Diminish Nail Ridges, Corrugation, and Furrows
The magique4 pure oils of chamomile, tea tree oil, and Vit E, allow  the ridges to be filed and nourished at the same time. Clean area Use one pump spray, and a white file block, buff after to smooth nail.
•Remove Nail Fungus
The tea tree, thyme, rosemary, lavender help to remove mold growth and fungus, and  when combined,  magique² acts as an anti-oxidant at the same time. Clean area Use two pump sprays and a  white file block to smooth, buff nail after.
•Toes and Foot Fungus
The oils block and decrease the mold and spore growth, decrease yeast build up, act like an anti-micro bacteria fighter, non drying, and a deodorizer. Clean area  with alcohol, apply spray, use block nail file, footsage. site site
•Moisturize and Nourish 
It blocks the loss of normal perspiration and moisture content in the human nail which is lost via nail plate while decreasing pterygium growth on nail beds. Clean nail beds use one pump spray on back of hand, place that on five nails.
•Non-Nail Lift Product 
After applying a spray pump of magique² oils, the properties of the molecules’ size allow for rapid absorption into the nail beds and the epidermis layers of the skin. Spray once on back of hand, place that  around cuticle and on nails.
• Cuticle Conditioner
It is so concentrated to revitalize and rebuild depleted protein by regenerating and rejuvenating the cuticle, and preventing excessive use of cuticle solvent. Clean cuticle, spray once on back of hand, massage that into each cuticle.
•Anti-Aging Oil
Magique4 botanical’s positive exchange of essential oils specifically integrates and simulates the collagen for elasticity, suppleness, tonification and rejuvenation. Spray twice on back of each hand, massage hands and to end of fingers.
Magique4 essential oils provide an effective  cellular protection against free radicals and  scavenger cellular damage by oxidants, enhancing increased circulation. Massage into nails, cuticles, hands, feet, or under the sculptured nails.
•Weight Loss
Magique4  vaporromatherapy oils, fennel, sage, and rosemary suppress the limbic system in the brain aiding the Spray pump once on your hand and massage into cuticles.  Smell!
digestive system to not  want to eat.
•Reduce Stress and Calms
Magique4 has in it bio-dynamic microbes which are chemo-electromagnetically charged to relay information from the plants to the mind, body, spirit, and soul. Spray on tired hands, feet, computer  fingers’ stress, golfer’s wrist.
•Sport Injury Soother 
The oils’ ingredients transport and penetrate deeply beneath the skin’s tissues to repair, protect, insulate, re-circulate to rebuild protein to fight injury. Spray on arthritic fingers, wrists, elbows, sore knees, ankles and feet
Smell-this is not a Parfum
The botanical multicomponent  mixture is highly concentrated to produce the anti-microbial, anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-fungal affect.   If diluted it will not work! Note: to dilute smell,  wash off or mix  with your  lotion or parfum/cologne