Therapeutically treats over and under processed Perms, Colors, and High Lites, contributing to hair thinning and hair loss.

Magique4 Ayurvedic (Ayur=”life” and Veda = “science”) essential oils is the first amazing multi-formulated multi-functional product that has an Antiseptic Therapeutic Nutritional Supplement used for hair coloring, perming, dandruff psoriasis, cradle cap (baby), relaxers, hair loss, thinning, well water, sun damage and jock itch.

Ayurvedic is India’s most cherished 1000 year old ancient medical philosophy on healing techniques … for maintaining a dynamic balance in our hum bodies … especially toward treatments to having and keeping healthy hair.

Bad Extensions

Corrects hair structure damage from improper Hair Extensions.

Corrects Psoriasis and Dandruff

Corrects Psoriasis and Dandruff