• How do yo use the product?

    You must clean the problem area with Alcohol (70-99%) for Skin, Hair, Nails, or Body…prior to using magique4. If you use any shampoos, soaps, creams or any other cleanser it must be rinse off the area and then you must use the alcohol just before you apply magique4.

    Use 3 sprays or several drops of magique4 on problem area and rub into area…twice (2) a day.

    If you are allergic to alcohol you may substitute it with one of these:  Witch hazel or Listerine or Hydrogen peroxide or Sea Breeze.

    Magique3 serum (magique4 and coconut oil) need to be applied over the problem area, right after the magique4 application…and you must spooned or dipped out of the  magique3 jar container….you must not contaminate nor re-contaminate inside of the product jar with your fingers or tools that are not clean, that would contaminate the product.

  • How much is this product?
    The price is only $69 for magique4 product…which does multi-functional problem corrector, made of pure 100% botanical essential oils! 

    The price is only $25 for magique3 serum product (magique4 and coconut oil).  Please go to the web site www.magique4.com... Please share my magique4 Facebook page.

  • How long did it take for her hair to grow back … in your photo?

    Magigue4 product works immediately…however, the hair growth pattern are in 3 stages for every person on earth…so with sight unseen with your hair … I will answer you with the actual persons on my photo, the one you are actually seeing…she used it twice a day for 90 days…the breakage, hair loss, and itching stopped immediately, and the infestation of Demodex mites, which is in most cases we all have in our hair follicle and sebaceous gland, was remove immediately.  Please go to magique4.com.… and please share my Facebook page with others… Remember…maqique4 is for Skin, Hair, Nails and body!

  • Can you send me a sampler?

    We do not send out samples because we found that with the small amount of sample oil that can be sent out, it defeats the purpose in the compliance in the use of the product to work effectively…remember magique4 is for Skin, Hair, Nails, and body…it depend on what problem you need it for…which will determine the time and amount that one would need to use it…magique4 is 100% pure Botanical essential oils and very expensive in its pure state…. so we take great pride in that.  We look forward to having you as one of our devoted customers!

  • Can anyone use this Magique4?

    Yes…male, females, teenagers, children, and babies can use magique4!  Please see www.magique4.com to see all the other problems magique4 is correcting.

  • Can I use this on: Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, fungus, Razor bumps, Diabetes feet problem, Jock Itch, smelly feet…etc.?

    Yes…magique4 and magique3 was invented for the purpose of clearing up all of the above problems….magique4 is a problem corrector.  Please see www.magique4.com to see all the other problems magique4 is correcting.

  • Can I send photos?

    Yes…We ask that you sign a “release permission” on a sheet of paper or form, along with your signature (printed and signature), with a date and time you took the before and after photos, along with your email address and telephone or cell number, and then email it to our contact email on magique4.